Friday, November 11, 2016

What a Dumb Guy Can Do in the Kitchen | The Instant Pot Incident

What can a Dumb Guy do in the kitchen? Plenty, especially a major Instant Pot incident. Sometimes I think I shouldn't be left alone at home and this was one of those times.

Dumb Guy in the Kitchen

The Instant Pot Incident

We had purchased an Instant Pot IP Duo60 (6 Qt) Electric Pressure Cooker (aff. link) a few months back, and it helped me to be more of a cook of the house. I know, crazy huh?

I remember the Instant Pot incident like it was yesterday. My wife was out shopping for something we missed on our weekend shopping trek, and I was going to make my ribs in the Instant Pot that she really likes. Things were going swimmingly; I had the ribs seasoned and had my liquid mixture in the Instant Pot ready to go. I rubbed my hands together (after washing them thoroughly) and plugged in the Instant Pot and - nothing.

No lights. No little chirp that it normally makes when its plugged in.


I got scared (like the time I put my coffee cup down on my wedding picture album and spilled a little coffee on it).

Did I break the Instant Pot?

Let me start with the outlet. I plugged the end into another outlet.

Still nothing.

What did I do to break the Instant Pot?

Desperate Times Demand Desperate Measures

I texted my wife. She's the smartest person I know. She's well traveled, well read and is a walking encyclopedia of useless (and some useful) information.

"Hi, Honey. I love you." I texted
"I love you, too. What's wrong?"
"Nothing really, I just realized that I needed to tell you that I love you more, so there's that."
"Ok, that's very sweet, but what's wrong. I know something's wrong."
"I think I broke the Instant Pot."
"Sigh. Really?"
"It doesn't light up and play the little song when I plug it in."
"Did you try another outlet?"
"Yes, I tried three. Even one that's behind the Microwave. Oh, by the way, I found my Star Wars cup back there."
"Nice, but the Instant Pot still isn't working?"
"I'm still shopping. I'll be home in a little while."
"Ok, I'm researching cooking the ribs in the oven now. See you in a little while."

I was really trying to take more of an active role of not only the; 
video game player, 
substitute bathing suit competition judge, and
the cook (who does stand up comedy), too, but if this Instant Pot incident doesn't get resolved soon, it would ruin my plans on the last role. 

I picked up the Instant Pot to move it to the kitchen island, and then I saw the problem -

the other end of the plug was NOT plugged into the Instant Pot.

The Moral of the Story

Never blame the makers of the great, awesome Instant Pot for the dumbness of a guy. Oh and don't text your wife, unless you really, really need to. The look on her face when I told her what happened was - priceless.

Ladies and Gentlemen, have you ever had an incident like this? Leave a comment below and tell us about it.