Friday, November 13, 2009

Bible Stories for people who are older than 5 - Hosea, a Love Story

I know I'm a jokester, but I can get serious, too.

Okay, Veggie Tales are great. Yup. Really cool, but...

There are other stories in that Bible book, too.

So, I thought that I would pick stories that Veggie Tales wouldn't do.

I picked Hosea. You know that one right? God told a Prophet to marry a Prostitute.You don't believe me? Yup, it's in there. So, how to portray the story?

As a movie/video? Nope, don't have time, money or actors to do it.

As CGI (Like the Veggie Tales)? Nope (See answer above).

I chose Audio Drama. It's like Old Time Radio drama. Cool, Old Time Radio Drama. And that's what I did...

Hosea, a Love Story Teaser

Hosea, a Love Story Promo

And now, here is Hosea, a Love Story

Play the Hosea audio
Click Here

For full cast information, visit:

Thursday, November 12, 2009

:drum roll: New Media Spotlight - Life, Laugh, Latte

So, 2 SAHMs (Stay at Home Mom's for the new people) talking to a video camera. Boring and Whiny? Nope. Holly and Charisse are what Hollywood is trying to do, but can't. These ladies fill up a cup of latte, turn on the camera, make you laugh, make you think, and make you remember to come back again and again. I think they are great, and I'm a guy. So, here they are... Holly and Charisse of Life, Laugh Latte.

Here is a podcast (Digital recorded show) featuring my dulcet tones and some of the funniest clips from the ladies' videos:

RoneyZone Radio ( ) Special episode featuring clips from Life, Laugh Latte:

Play it right here (see button right there. Click it):

Video Screencast to show you how hilarious they are on video:

Now, you must go to:

Main site:

Blog site:

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Welcome and Howdy to my follower peeps!

Thanks ya'll. Great posts are coming. Just wait. :)

Underneath The Rim

So, I try, I really try to keep the house clean. Do the dishes, take out the trash, take the socks to their "house" (I found out that dirty socks "live" in the hamper Really? No mailbox, No wooden sign that says, "The Dirty Sock Family". How was I to know? Well, I know because my wife told me. End of story). Anyway, ya know.

I'm a dumb guy. I focus on what you can see. Water specks on the mirror. Yup, I can see that. Clean it. Read the rest HERE

Wasps and Jeff. Not so much.

I don't like Wasps. Wait, to be more precise, I don't like anything that can sting me, suck my blood out, attack me, you get the idea. Anyway, Wasps are in that category. Wasps and I have a war that goes back a long way. I remember when I was a kid, I had to take out the trash, and those darned wasps built a nest right above the back door, and when I would go out the door, they would swoop down upon me. Now, if it was up to me, I would have found a way to have the garbageman come inside the house to pick up the trash from us. However, Mom and Dad were sticklers for sanitation. Go figure. So, I duck and ran out and back in, but the day the wasp and I began a bitter war that still continues today.

As I grew older, I got the lovely chore of mowing the lawn. In those muggy, hot summer days in San Bernardino, wasp would find refuge in the dew betwixt the grass. Neat, my rivals were now laying in wait to hamper my chore completion. What was I to do? Mow very fast and give the wasps a slow moving target, or defend my patch of unshorn grass. I would stand my ground, but with what? Water? No. Wasp spray? Didn't have any. Wait, a Tennis Racket. It's true, I found a Tennis Racket, and walked out to the field of battle.

I think I heard the first wasp let out an evil wasp laugh when it took off and flew toward me. I felt like a Gladiator marching out to meet my foe. I held my swordish racket, and swang (is that a word?) it side to side preparing for the wasp, that was quickly winging its way toward me. I focused, and when the wasp wandered into the strike zone, I swung, and 'zwing' the wasp was propelled to the left. Perplexed, and wasp flew back into the original flight path, and made a second attempt. When it veered close enough, Fwang, I hit it again with my trusty racket. More miffed this time, it made another fevered flight in my direction. It flew into the strike zone again, and I swung as hard as I could (I felt John McEnroe cheering me on, then complaining about something else), and my foe was stuck in a mangled wad on my Tennis Racket. I was victorious. I conquered the Wasp. I understand that a new section in Wasp training includes Tennis Racket avoidance, and a picture of my face on the Wasp Most Wanted list. I'm like a Freddie Krueger to Wasps, without 2 out of 6 good movies.

Monday, November 9, 2009

The Spot

There is a spot that has magical powers. It can be in many places, but it normally is - right in front of me in a store.

This spot is alot like the island in the TV show, Lost. Sometimes it acts like a human magnet. It can hold a person in its unearthly grasp for many minutes, while I slalom around them. Upon more careful study of this spot, I noticed it also caused people to be thought-provoked. People would stay on this spot and go into deep thought. What were they thinking about? Where the one sock goes in the dryer? How can someone not on TV get a name like Hoda? Did Billy Mays have to persuade God to let him into Heaven with Oxy Clean? Heck, I don't know what they think about, but it us WAY worse when they are holding an object they wish to purchase. Then, it's like someone studying the Zapruder films.