Thursday, November 12, 2009

:drum roll: New Media Spotlight - Life, Laugh, Latte

So, 2 SAHMs (Stay at Home Mom's for the new people) talking to a video camera. Boring and Whiny? Nope. Holly and Charisse are what Hollywood is trying to do, but can't. These ladies fill up a cup of latte, turn on the camera, make you laugh, make you think, and make you remember to come back again and again. I think they are great, and I'm a guy. So, here they are... Holly and Charisse of Life, Laugh Latte.

Here is a podcast (Digital recorded show) featuring my dulcet tones and some of the funniest clips from the ladies' videos:

RoneyZone Radio ( ) Special episode featuring clips from Life, Laugh Latte:

Play it right here (see button right there. Click it):

Video Screencast to show you how hilarious they are on video:

Now, you must go to:

Main site:

Blog site:


Matty said...

I've been following them for quite a while now. In fact, on my very first visit to their blog, I watched a video where they talked about tampons. Hmmm. That's how I was introduced to their site.

jennifer said...

I'm from the South and so maybe that makes me slooooow. I'd never heard of this site! Heading there now.

I've enjoyed strolling around your blog.