Friday, May 21, 2010

Change is coming

Hello friends. Don't be too concerned, Men are Dumb isn't going anywhere, but changes need to occur.

I have always had trouble sticking to one topic, and I realize that from time to time that topics here at Men are Dumb drift to other areas, instead of sticking to what makes Men are Dumb, what it is. I could put this off for awhile, but I feel that now is the time to do it.

Next Monday's, "Heart of the Matter," will be the last post of that kind here on Men are Dumb. So, what will that mean for Heart of the Matter posts from now on? Well, I have great news.

I am starting another blog called, "Re-do You," and that will be a place to read articles and posts about changing you from the inside out. We will discuss diet, fitness, acts of kindness, communication skills, self-help tips, and much more.

I'm very excited about it, and I hope you are, too.

The new web address for Re-do You is:

This is a decision I've thought long and hard about. I've gone back and forth about it, but I think this is the best decision, and I hope you understand. So, Men are Dumb fans, hang around, more fun to come.

If you are not interested in the posts here at Men are Dumb without the Heart of the Matter posts, feel free to unfollow here and follow on Re-do You. I totally understand.

The best is yet to come from Men are Dumb (I promise. Wait til you read some of the upcoming Chick Flick reviews), and I look forward to building out "Re-do You" into something that thousands of people will enjoy and (hopefully) benefit from.

Thanks so much for all of you for being a part of this dream, and its not over yet.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Difference between Men and Women - Working Out

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Women's Health: The Wedding Workout

Working Out

Woman view most things as a possible paparazzi moment, including working out.

Women have a workout outfit. Colors match and it passes the "cute" test. They have workout shoes. Shoes, specifically for working out (maybe they're Scotch Guarded, so the sweat beads roll off them). A guy wouldn't know where to look for "work out" shoes. Normally they would be very expensive and that would cut into Xbox game money, and we can't have that, can we?

Women have a workout bag. That is a foreign concept to a guy. A guy will use any bag handy (no matter what was in it originally), and not think about buying a bag just for one purpose.

Inside this workout bag are workout items. I really don't know what constitutes “workout items,” but I guess it's like carrying your swords and armor for Worlds of Warcraft. If the gym is invaded by Orcs, the ladies will be ready. However, inside a women’s workout bag resides colorful water bottles, mp3 player, color-coordinated (with the outfit) earphones, and specific workout towels. A guy would just grab a towel from the car that he hopes he didn't check the oil with, and a water bottle that he hopes indeed has water in it.

Women get to a particular workout machine and they make it their own. It's a bit like a boyfriend's apartment. Out comes the water bottle, the mp3 player set just so, the towel draped ever so daintily, and they begin the workout. Even though their friends know they are working out and they call them anyway. So, women being the Masters of multi-tasking, can; walk on the ski machine, use the arm handles, talk on the phone to 3 friends about how dumb the last American Idol was, dab their foreheads when sweat beads up, smile at Trevor (the cute personal trainer that harasses people to sign up with him), and do all that with a style and grace that men can never achieve.

Men have strange notions about fitness. They go once every 6 months, overdo it, then take another 6 months off to “heal their muscles”. Men also feel that just buying a gym membership or buying the P90X DVDs will actually get them fit. All the while they figure the laundry detergent is shrinking their clothes (so they just stop washing them while they find a non-shrinking detergent). They buy a gut crusher device from an infomercial, never use it except to hang clothes on it, or balance pizza boxes on it (its art and a game, rolled into one).

I remember one time a guy was going into the gym, only to see a guy wheeled out into an ambulance, and the guy going into the gym said – out loud – "So, that means there's a bike open now, right?" Yep, it was me that said it. Sorry. Just keeping it real.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Heart of the Matter - Do a Partial Bailout

Do a partial bailout.

America is a great country. I wouldn't want to live in any other country in the world. Circumstances that can change a person's life can happen at any moment. A person can be rich one moment, and destitute the next. America is a rich nation, but it has just gone through an economic downturn 2nd to the Great Depression. The current administration has done what it could for some companies, but what if you could get involved.

Not with companies, but with people.

I now appoint you as head of "Partial Bailouts in your world". I know you'll do a great job.

The world is connected, whether you admit it or not. Helping someone can start a ripple of kindness that can reach around to you one day. Can you change the world on your own? No, but you can affect your world, where you live? You know the answer, and that's in the post today.

So, let's set the boundaries for this. Tell yourself that the next time someone asks for money, you'll give what you can. No thought of whether the person deserves it or not. Choose an amount; $5, $10, $20, whatever. Set it aside. It's a 'gift' for the next person you will partially bailout. Now, to find the person.

You may be standing in a line for coffee, in a line to pick up take out, in line at the store, anywhere really. Put on your "kindness glasses," and as you go throughout your day, begin to look around for your partial Bailout "winner". You may sense, what I will call an "inner nudge," when you see the person that has "won" the partial bailout. I would encourage you not to look on the exterior of the person, as you do this. Sometimes the people that look all put together on the outside, are falling apart on the inside. Your eyes are not always good guides for giving acts of kindness.

So, you know you winner. Now, the hard part comes into play, giving the "prize" money away. If you are behind someone, you may want to tell them, that you want to pay for their coffee today. If you are in front of someone in line at a fast food restaurant, give the money to the person at the drive thru window and tell them its to pay for part of the next order. If someone is a random person, you can hand them the money and tell them that they dropped it.

Note: You will find that people don't want the money, or refuse to let you pay for their food, coffee, etc. I would suggest letting them know that you are "paying it forward," or asking them to hold the money til they find someone else that needs it, and give it to them.

Thank you for participating in this. I really would like for you to come back and let me know stories of what happened.

Great book with more great ideas.

101 Ways to Reach Your Community

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Dumb Men Review Chick Flicks - Titanic

Titanic (1997)

So, I knew the guy behind Terminator and Aliens was directing this movie, but there were no androids or aliens to be found in this one. The movie starts out about a snooty girl going on a cruise. I know, exciting huh. She is supposed to marry this jerk who is friends with the guy who was the bad guy in Tron, btw. Then, snooty girl meets an artist guy who is pretty good at cards. They are still on the cruise, btw. Well, snooty girl and the artist guy fall in love, but then the coolest scene happened in the whole movie. See, he was going to draw her. So what, I thought, but then snooty girl took her clothes off, and he drew her.

This movie was finally getting good. She had on some necklace, but I can't remember what color it was now. Then, the guy who was in Tron started to snoop around, and the jerk found out about snooty girl and he got really mad.

The Tron guy started chasing them, and the artist guy and the snooty girl ended up hiding in a car. So, what happens when you get in the backseat of a car with a gal you just drew in the nude? Play checkers? Nope. They get busy. You know, busy. I don't think he was drawing again, but you guessed it, she got naked again. Around that time, the ship hit an iceberg.

The ship started to take on water. There was lots of chasing buy the Tron guy and the jerk. The ship broke in half, started to sink, and a guy fell down and hit the ship propeller. The snooty girl could have got away safely in a lifeboat, but she wanted to stay on the sinking ship with the artist guy. The boat sank, the snooty girl survived (she said the word Jack a lot of times, too), but the artist guy... I won't spoil it for the 2 people who haven't seen it yet.

For the sinking ship and the "art" scene, I give it 4 out of 5 No. 2 pencils.

All in all, not too bad. Well, I'm off to take an art class, and take a cruise. See ya.

Reviewer: Bert.