Thursday, May 27, 2010

Buh-Bye Lost

Special Edition of

So, my wife and I have watched the entire run of Lost. We even stayed up waaaaay past my bedtime to see the finale. She cried, I got tired, but we enjoyed the series. However, I realized that Men and Women saw Lost very differently.

Sawyer running down and shooting the Polar Bear:
Women - "My gosh, look at that handsome, Sawyer".
Men - "Dude, that was a Polar Bear on a tropical island. Awesome!"

Jack and Kate relationship story:
Women - "Aw, they look so cute together".
Men - "I wonder where the rest of the Polar Bears are".

When Kate or Sun were in a bikini out by the water:
Women - "Well, gotta go pee".
Men - "Good golly, I love this show".

When the smoke monster flew around:
Women: "How Weird"
Men: "I wonder if it knows where the Polar Bears are".

Sawyer and Kate relationship story in the cage:
Women - "Wow, look at Sawyer. So passionate. My my".
Men - "Cool, Kate with less than a bikini on, inside of a Polar Bear cage, awesome!"

Sawyer and Juliet relationship story:
Women - "I know he should be with Kate, but it is 1977, and hey, he took his shirt off again. Cool."
Men - "Wait a minute, wasn't she in that naughty movie with Angelina Jolie? Cool"


The Finale:
Women - ":sniff: They all ended up together with the one's they loved. It's so beautiful."
Men - "Yeah, it's cool and all, but there's no Polar Bears here, and no one's wearing bikinis. Can Ben turn that frozen wheel back to the good 'ol "Bikini days"?"

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Difference between Men and Women - Style of Dress

Style of Dress

Men and Women dress for different situations very differently.

Men know that there are a few times in their life they need to dress up; 
Office job, 
First date, 
Dinner with prospective in-laws, 
To sit in the audience of America's Funniest Home Videos, but overall they are clueless as to how to dress.
I think Garanimals were created to help little boys dress up. You match a tiger pants with a tiger shirt, and you're golden. However, life is cruel, and Garanimals won't work for the adult male. The only things that helps is there are about 4 colors of men's dress slacks; Tan, Brown, Green, Black and Blue. I will not wear white pants. I just won't.

One time at Target, they had a pair of purpleish-blue pants. I bought a pair, and it caused me so much problems with the Mrs. I would pair it with a shirt that had some blue in it, and Colleen would say, "It doesn't go," and I say, "But it's blue (Because remember, I don't know all those other fancy color names)," and she says, "It's not blue, it's (She said a color name, that I can't remember, but it wasn't blue)". I gave up, threw away the pants, and have held a grudge against Target for selling "near blue" pants, and not Garanimal clothes, ever since.

The truth is, women dress men from the time they are born until they die, and even then, a woman is probably dressing them, too (Just sayin'). Men have heard this when they open the door, "You aren't going out dressed like that, are you?" The truth is, yes they would. See, men don't buy clothes that "go together".

Remember the Garanimal thing, guys - it's over. No more. We are on our own.

Men haven't the slightest clue what "goes together". Men wear what fits or what is comfortable, that's it. Women have this style of dress that goes deep inside their DNA. If men had style, it would be like a Post It note on their forehead - in a windstorm.

You really want to know what a man thinks about, when he opens a door to leave, "I hope I have gas in the car,I hope my ipod is charged, and did we hurt Jupiter's feelings, by saying it wasn't a planet anymore? Do planets have feelings?" The importance of stylish dress all the time is a very foreign concept to a guy. He just wants to get to where he needs to go on time, and not to make his female companion angry. Pretty much everything else he needs to think about is extra, and he needs to write things down, and if he loses the note well...

Except for the weird styles in Paris (in my opinion), women rock at how they dress. They have style of dress that is amazing. A woman can look though a selection of clothes, put something together, and make something work, and it does work well. Unfortunately, it takes quite a long time for to; peruse the clothes in their closet, decide what goes with what, trying a combination on, then trying another combination, etc (This goes on for awhile. I'd only complain if I was waiting, but the the end result is awesome.

Women also know the difference between putting on clothes, and "wearing" them.

Guys just put clothes on, but women add a whole new level to it, and it's cool.

Now, on the flip side - Walmart and Vacation destinations. I'm not sure what happens to women there, but something bad happens. As much respect as I give women for making a meager outfit look like a million bucks, because of a woman's style, sometimes they let me down. It's a shame, and now its a website, or two.

I want to thank the uber talented (Photographer, Actor, Voice Actor, Model, Writer) Lila from for allowing me to post 2 photos she took. Please check out her site and let her know Jeff from Men are Dumb sent you.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Heart of the Matter - You are Unique

You are Unique

In this planet of billions of people, you may feel unimportant, unheard, unnoticed. I want to remind you that in a sea of faces on this earth, you are unique and important. Do something for me, look at your thumb.

That's the proof that you are unique. Your thumbprint is like no one else. You may be a twin, or choose a hair style like someone else, dress like a celebrity you like, etc, but know this - you are uniquely you.

If I was to take a group of people to a county fair and ask them to tell me the one thing they noticed, everyone would give me a different answer. So, not only are you the only person that is uniquely you, you notice things that no one else does. If you were not here, we would miss out on so much. You are important to all of us.

Have you considered the fact...

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