Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Mean Girls, Meaner Women?

So, my wife and I had a spirited discussion about this. Now, I've seen Mean Girls:

and I spent time around females. Females in big and small groups, and I would say that most women talk behind each other's backs, after they've been nice to their face.

Now, the one issue that came up was age. I was told that the older a lady gets, the less these mean words said by Mean Girls decreases.My un-scientific research says no, and then I see things like this:

Men do it, too, but I haven't seen a movie called Mean Guys, yet.

So, what do you say? Do women say one thing to a woman's face, and another behind their back? My question is why? Most women say that men don't understand them, and if that's true, then why do women fight against other women (who should relate and understand them)?

Here is the book mentioned in the new report (aff link):

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Change is coming - soon

Hi, I have done a number of dumb things in my life, and this may be one of the dumbest. I'm moving this blog.


My email address was compromised in the multi-site hack ( and others), and during that time my blogger blog was taken offline in the fray. As you can see it was restored, but I felt very uneasy with the who have control of my blog when something went wrong, and it wasn't me. I needed to change it, and here we go.

I have enjoyed Men are Dumb's original home here, because I found my blogging stride here, made great friends, and made people laugh. However, things must change.

The full website address:

It is not finished, and I will be moving over posts during the next few days. I will be leaving this site up and the posts here as well, however when the change takes place, the final message will point to the new site.

Thanks again for your support.