Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Difference between Men and Women #345 #fb

Guys are like a box of 12 crayons; Red, Blue, Yellow, etc.

Guys are very basic (some might say boring) creatures. They are task oriented;

I am going to work to make money.

I am mowing the lawn, so the neighbors don't talk about my house during gossip sessions.

I am watching a football game to revel in the sport, and put up with the shots of the cheerleaders, because in some countries, cheerleading is a sport - like, well I don't know a good example, but it must be seen as a sport out there somewhere. In Switzerland or Canada, maybe.

Women are like a box or 256 crayons; Burnt Sienna, Mauve, Fuchsia, etc.

Women are amazing creatures. I'm serious, they are. They are not basic. They notice things, lots of things, like;

spiderwebs on a vault ceiling 40 feet high,

voice inflections,


when people don't say hi to them,

clothes if they are not in their respective 'homes',

dishes that aren't washed right,

and they even overlook things like - the dumb things men do.

Keeping with the same theory of the colors.

If Men were represented by a painting, it would look like a painting by a 5-year old (Not knocking the five year olds and their paintings. Breathe, and follow my logic, m'kay?). Endearing, but very basic. You love it, but sometimes you are afraid to show it around, because, well you know (or maybe not, a bad example. Sorry (Re-Read the name of this blog)).

Women are like a Michelangelo painting. An awe-inspiring wonder. You're snickering, but I'm serious. It takes time to take it all in, and the minute you think you've "figured it all out" you notice more detail that you ever saw before.

Women rock. My Mom was one. My wife is one. You know, I know quite a few. Oh, one more thing. Ladies, thanks for putting up with us men.