Saturday, October 31, 2009

Friday, October 30, 2009

Jeff's Possible Halloween Costume #5 #fb

My Thoughts on Lady GaGa (Is that really how it's spelled?)

So, I kept hearing about this Lady GaGa, and then heard again, and again. I started to see pictures of Lady GaGa's outrageous outfits. I watched her on SNL on 10/04/09, and saw the Atom getup she was wearing. It reminded me of one of the more outrageous Elton John costumes. I walked into the kitchen, and kept listening (not watching) to the SNL piano performance, and ya know, that lady can sing. I mean sing well. No Ashley Simpson lip synching or Britney electronica voice changing. Lady Gag can really sing. One day, she will step aside for the camera shot grabbing outifts, and be who she is and the talent she's got. Till then, you get a singing Atom with sparks flying out of her bra.

Jeff's Possible Halloween Costume #72

Jeff Balloon Boy

No Joke. First Official Lost TV, The Final Season Promo

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Tyler Perry is a genius

Tyler Perry has created some of the funniest plays/movies that can make you laugh one minute, and give Biblical truth and good old common sense. In this video, there are some points that;

I wish I had learned,

and I have told people.

The sad thing is sometimes we don't learn from the Bible, the pastor/priest, people in our family or friends. It may take a funny, crazy African American man dressed as a woman to help us learn while we laugh. Tyler, thanks man. Note: This movie isn't available to be embedded, so the link will take you to the youtube page.

Link to Medea Video

Leave me some thoughts about this. Thanks.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Where do you want to eat, Honey?

I love my wife. No buts, I really do. I find it funny that a woman can be so hungry, that they mention it to people nearby. The next question always is, Where do you want to go eat? The answer that comes back from most females (including my wife) are;

1. :Read the rest HERE:

Monday, October 26, 2009

The Saga of Animal Gas

See, I took my wife to Star Wars Celebration 3 in Indianapolis, Indiana a few years back (Yes, she really loves me). One day, I just couldn't look another sweaty Stormtrooper or another 40-something guy dressed up like a Jedi Knight, and we decided to go to the zoo. Yep, the zoo, instead of a Star Wars Celebration that George Lucas was to appear at (I know, take my Star Wars Fan card back.). Anyway, so Colleen and I were having a great time looking at all the cool animals. I started to videotape some of them, because I wanted to show my wife I bought the camera for more than Star Wars fan videos with dolls. Then, I got home and wanted to make a movie for youtube.

I edited together a few shot of the animals, and decided it looked like a really bad vacation video. So, I thought back and thought what do people want with a youtube video. Good lighting? clever camera moves? Nope - farts. I figured that High School people want a little comedy with their gas, and so I created the masterpiece that is - Animal Gas (I have since changed the name to Animal Farts (SEO, ya know)).

I released it awhile back. No red carpet premiere. It was one of those videos you stick at the back of the pile, so when Steven Spielberg looks at your work, he is impressed way before he gets to Animal Gas. And then, the unthinkable happened - people actually liked it.

Months later, I looked and saw that more than 100,000 people saw Animal Gas. Hey, maybe it was Sarah Palin researching a new fuel source, I don't know. All I know is that this little video is a hit, and I wanted to share it with you, but don't blame me if it stinks (Sorry, had to). And now, snuggle up to someone you love, or someone next to you on a bus or plane, and enjoy... Animal Gas.

For those interested. Animal Gas is available for Oscar submission. We did get the animals to "sign" release forms. I am also available to speak at conventions and Septic System overhauls.

Jeff Roney, RoneyZone Productions.