Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Telling a Story

I see this all the time. A couple sitting somewhere, and the wife tells the husband to tell a story. He starts, but never finishes. Amid the first section of the story, he hits a minor factoid that doesn't match the ladies' memory, and she pipes up and clarifies with 2 side stories about points that don't add anything to the story at all. She trudges on through the story she asked the guy to tell, and then he gets mad, and says, "I thought you wanted me to tell the story," "Well, go ahead, but tell it right," she responds and that's why couples podcasts are long and meandering. Don't believe me? I have names of shows to give you.

So ladies, do you let your man tell stories un-interrupted? Hmm? Do ya?

Guys, I'm right, right?

Guys? Hello?

Guys? Uh oh.