Saturday, July 2, 2011

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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Back Scratching

Wait, its not what you think. See, when a couple is dating things like back scratching can go on for hours. It's great. A funny thing happens the more serious a relationship gets (especially when they get married) - back scratching get shorter and shorter. Something that went on for hours and hours before now only lasts a few minutes.

Women complain that their hand cramps up, or hurts. So, the guy takes her to the hand specialist and it turns out that it's facebook statusitis. Unless a woman is posting a snarky status, her hand has a time limit on the same activity. Eh, who knew?

Pretty much the same thing with guys, but with guys it's Videogameplayingitis.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

How do you pronounce Boehner?

Look, I went to school in San Bernardino county (The thriving metropolis between Los Angeles and Palm Springs), but when I read the last name Boehner - I sound it out and pronounce it that way. Oh, I know that its *supposed* to be pronounced 'Bayner,' but that's not how its spelled. Look, this guy makes a few bucks, more than enough to get the spelling changed to B-A-Y-N-E-R. Seriously. It's a good thing I'm not in the press at Washington, because I would ask, "Mr. Boner, what are your views on...?"

Just Sayin'

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Stop - uh!

Now, this may be a age thing for females, but I hear the word 'uh' after certain words, like 'stop' for instance. Colleen and I were at Costco, and I watched a brother pester a sister, and she yelled, "Stop - uh!"

Why is the 'uh' there?

I've also heard it after 'Mom,' too.

What is the 'uh' word added for?

Guys rarely us this, unless they are Italian or a televangelist.


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Highly Offensive Naval Video

Not Safe for Work. Many will find this video offensive. You have been warned.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Brett Favre.


#brettfavre (CBS)  Brett Favre's football career may be over, but his legal troubles continue. The quarterback is being sued by two women -- massage therapists -- who claim they are victims of sexual harassment.

"Early Show" News Anchor Jeff Glor observed that, in the course of just a couple of weeks, Favre has seen his consecutive starts streak snapped, been fined by the National Football League, and had the lawsuit filed against him in New York State Supreme Court.

The suit is against both Favre and the New York Jets. It alleges that he sexually harassed the two massage therapists when he was the Jets' quarterback in 2008.

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