Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Difference between Men and Women - The Wedding Part 1 #fb

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The Wedding Day

Men and Women view the wedding day very differently, and for different reasons.

Men in general, aren't totally sold with the whole idea, because they are mentally wired differently. They don't dream from a young age about what their wedding day will look like. They hope that they won't mess up the relationship with a woman that stays around, so they can get married. Men don't have endless conversations with their Fathers or friends like, "So Son, what color Tux will you be wearing to your wedding? If you could have the ceremony anywhere (including the Death Star) where would it be? How many groomsmen will you have? You won't pick Scooter for a groomsman, right? Because he put Deep heating Rub in your jock strap that one time."

It's not that men don't care about the wedding. They do, but they don't have any preparation or scope of the true meaning of it. To men, a wedding is;

1. Something they must, must, must be on time for,
2. Something they will wear shoes way too small for (because the shoes are rented (because he can't find 2 of the same "good shoes", and he also finds out that wearing flip flops to a wedding is almost blasphemous, even though he points out that everyone should be looking at our faces.), the the shoes are made for "thin people"),
3. Something they will have to wear a Tuxedo for. The only time a guy wears a tuxedo is for a wedding, funeral and if he is chosen for 'Dancing with the Stars'. I know it's a short list, because a tuxedo is an almost Straight Jacket,
4. Something they will have to talk to people that "remember him when he was 'this tall'," and he won't,
5. Something they will have to not stare at the bridesmaids or Maid of Honor, even though there was that Spring Break in Cabo, way before he met his soon to be wife (at least 2 days)...
6. Something he must not get totally blasted at the Bachelor Party the night before, but he does anyway,
7. Something he worries that someone must have had a digital video camera at said Bachelor Party and put the video of something crazy that happened on youtube. Even though he and his boys triple checked that there weren't any cameras (except that guy they threw in the pool. Turns out it was a waterproof camera). That's where some of the money from the reception "money dance" goes, into the "no upload video" blackmail account (his cousin's pocket),
8. Something he must not pass gas at, because there are lit candles close by,
9. Something he must make sure his voice inflection is strong and not pause (thinking about Bridesmaid #3, and the body shots he did with her at the St. Patrick's Day party, "by mistake") when he says, "I Do"

There are more, but we'll leave it there.

Women are prepared almost from the day they are born for the wedding. Their Moms and friends talk endlessly about it, and it is huge deal for them. This is more of an overview of the wedding, but there is much more (obviously).

Monday, May 3, 2010

Heart of the Matter - Change 5 People's Day #fb

Tell 5 people they are doing a good job, and mean it from your heart.

We can't do much in this life without the help of someone else. We constantly pass through our life, and almost never acknowledge those who help us. I suggest that you try to change just 5 people's day today. Try to do this;

Pick someone who is waiting on you or helping you in some way, and;

1. Look into their eyes and smile,
2. Say, "I want you to know that you're doing a great job, and I really appreciate what you do," and
3. Say the same thing from your heart, then
4. Wait for a response.

The key is to do your best to transmit the feeling from your heart the same time you say the words. So many times people say things, but they are just words we say out of repetition, or duty. When you say something, and mean it from your heart, then the message becomes twice as powerful and can change a person's day. I hope you change 5 people day today.

Please come back and tell me how it went for you. Can you do that for me? Thanks. Have a great day, and have fun with this.