Monday, January 25, 2010

Steven Spielberg, Harrison Ford and me.

It was 1983. I was at Disneyland with my girlfriend at the time. We were in the line for Mr. Toad, and I glanced out and saw a guy posing for a picture with 2 little boys. The guy had on jeans, polo shirt, blue blazer, and a baseball hat. I saw the smile and the mustache and beard, and I did one of those, "It can't be..." head shakes, and then I looked over at King Arthur's Carousel and I saw Amy Irving. I looked over to the left and saw Harrison Ford and Melissa Matheson. I told Mary that we were getting off the ride - now.

She did what woman do, "Why Jeff? Why are we getting off the ride?" When she saw Harrison Ford, she went into a zombie trance and started to walk toward Mr. Ford. She kept repeating, "I love him, I love him," then the Disney representative stopped her, and asked that she give them some privacy.

I took some photos on a pre-digital camera that no one believes me when I tell them who are in the photos, but I assure you - it happened, and I was there.