Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Difference between Men and Women #29 - The Bathroom #fb


Difference #28 – Bathroom

We’re not being gross here, people, but I do want to discuss the different ways men and women and the bathroom. I'm speaking mainly of bathrooms at a restaurant.

The Look of Things

A men’s bathroom is just – a bathroom, with urinals. Sometimes paint on the walls, newspapers on the walls from time to time, with “sayings” here and there, but just a bathroom.

Women’s bathrooms are a showplace of wonder. Many have nice paint, flowers, framed art, couches, potpourri, full length mirrors – almost a house without a kitchen or a bed, or so my secret female sources report.

Going There

When a guy goes to the bathroom, they just get up and go. That’s it.

When a woman goes to the bathroom, it becomes an event, like;

Choosing other Survivors for a Reward Challenge,
Picking a team for a kickball game,
Choosing riders for a Space Shuttle trip.

Once “the group” is gathered, then ladies disappear to a room that men don’t really want to go, much less stay there with a group for 30 minutes.

I still don’t understand the female group bathroom ritual. Do the play wave sounds (to mask out the other sounds) and open up the “super” potpourri to make the experience better? We may never know, unless a lady wishes to explain… Hmm?