Friday, August 13, 2010

Update: Flipped Out Flight Attendant

He wants his old job back, now. Seriously???
Well, I guess everyone on his flight will REALLY follow ALL flight attendant instructions, then. Maybe he could be the only person to check the "Yes, the slide does in fact deploy when you pull the handle," line on the checklist.

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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Wrinkled Clothes

When clothes are wrinkled, Men and Women handle it very differently.

Women would iron wrinkled clothes.

Men would normally not iron wrinkled clothes, they would;

Stay seated as long as they could at their desk/cube at work, so no one would notice,
Turn the lights lower in the office (to make it harder to spot the wrinkles), say "its for the environment,"
Stay farther away from someone when you talk to them,
Stand behind something (desk, half wall, short cube wall, bushes, car, etc) when you talk to someone,
Lie and say, "Look at what this weather does to my clothes. Crazy!",
They would say, "Oh yeah, *this* is the new fashion style from Paris,"
They would say, "I'm going green. Do you know how much power an iron uses? It's crazy!",
They would say, "I assisted in a foot pursuit of a dangerous criminal before I got here. We lost em, but I got here on time,"
They would say, "These clothes were made from cotton from older sheep," *I wonder if anyone will get this one.*
They would say, "I take Yoga breaks. I took one right before I got here,"
They would say, "My iron was recalled. I'm still a little nervous about trying a new one,"
"You should see my other clothes that I didn't iron,"
They would say, "I sure miss polyester. You were saying?"
They would say, "It's the principle of the thing. Until they fix ironing boards to not make that annoying sound when you set them up, I will never iron anything again. Besides, it hurts the doggie's little ears when I set up the ironing board."

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Flipped Out Flight Attendant

New York (CNN) -- Police arrested a flight attendant Monday suspected of triggering an emergency escape chute on a plane parked at a JFK Airport terminal, a spokeswoman for the district attorney said.

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