Friday, November 6, 2009

So, If You Thought That Church Folks on the Internet Are Boring...

You Would Be Wrong.


I introduce you to the Christian New Media Group - Same Message, in a Whole New Way. These are the most exciting, practical, fun and creative shows on the internet today, and yes, they are made by Christians. Now, if you expect sermons, and off-key singing, you'd be disappointed. Do yourself a favor, and check these shows out:

2 Geeks, covering what's cool on the Big screen, the Small screen and the Geek lifestyle.
The Jesus Geeks Website
The Jesus Geeks RSS Feed

A Geek Husband and the Nerd Wife who share Life, a Family, a Mic, and they might find something they agree on - One Day.
Geek Loves Nerd Website
Geek Loves Nerd RSS Feed

Home Schooler, Father of 7, Geek Who Gives Practical Help to the Non-Geeks. Meet the Jesus Geek.
The Original Jesus Geek Website
The Original Jesus Geek RSS Feed

Brad and Faith, married Texans making sense of Life, Family, Marriage, Emus and Bon Jovi.
Two Blind Squirrels Website
Two Blind Squirrels RSS Feed

Scott digs in deep to questions of Faith, Writing and Whatever He Wants to Talk About.
The Spiritual Tramp Website
Spritual Tramp RSS Feed

Lint Hatcher (Yes, that's his name),a deep cat who loves God and Bela Lugosi.
Excuse Me, Ghidorah Website
Excuse Me, Ghidorah RSS Feed

Taylor Kent, the Fandom Snark reviews Sci Fi and Horror movies, TV shows, Conventions and Audio dramas, and more.
The Snarky Avenger Website
The Snarky Avenger RSS Feed

Jen and Dave are, well, Jen and Dave. Their shows aren't just shows, they are events - like Woodstock, without the mud, drugs and weird people. Well, sometimes it does get weird.
The Jen and Dave Show Website
The Jen and Dave Show RSS Feed

If all you watch is Sitcoms and Reality TV, Winston reminds us that there are other questions that need to be discussed.
Critical Mass Website
Critical Mass Podcast RSS Feed

Are you a Christian that loves Movies and TV shows? Daniel and Eve give you thinking skills to help you look into what is being presented, so you can take in the good, and leave the rest.
Are You Just Watching? Website
Are You Just Watching? RSS Feed

This lady reminds us that being a Stay at Home Mom doesn't mean boring. She's a ball of Blogging fire that always makes you chuckle and think. This should be required reading (even if you aren't female).
The Obnoxious SAHM Website
The Obnoxious SAHM Blog RSS Feed

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Cheap, Fun Things To Do

I mean, sure. If you live near Disneyland, Universal Studios, Sea World or some other theme park, that would be a natural choice for fun, but let's get creative.

Depending on the weather, the age range of your family, you may have to adjust on these suggestions, but here are some;

1. Local Zoo/Aquarium. Sometimes we miss alot of cool animals that are right around the corner in our town,
2. County Museum. The exhibits are constantly changing, and it may be worth checking it out again,
3. Revisit the Library. Sure, we know there are books to read and check out, but don't forget, some still check out DVDs. They also offer story reading, etc,
4. Draw the Day. Get out some crayons and paper, open up the window, and draw what you see,
5. Play a DVD that's still in the wrapper. We all impulse buy a DVD now and then. It might be time to play it, and have a popcorn and movie afternoon,
6. Guess the song. Most of us have an MP3 player, or music on a desktop or laptop. Sit the family around, and play certain songs to see if others can guess which song it is within a certain amount of time (Maybe use an egg timer).

What other cheap fun ideas have you tried and want to share, and some stories of what happened?

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Haunting (1999) set pieces still in Orange County, CA

Orange County, CA is a beautiful place, but it also has areas that have been used in dozens of movies and TV shows. Sometimes the locations are visible as you drive by or walk by, others can be in the strangest of places - like an architecture firm.

In, 1999 Jan De Bont (The director of Speed and Twister), directed The Haunting, starring Liam Neeson, Catherine Zeta Jones, Owen Wilson, Virginia Madsen and others. Here is the trailer:

After the film had wrapped, portions of the sets were relocated to Orange County, CA. Read on:

"Speaking of "THE HAUNTING," you can see its gothic sets in a rather unlikely place today: the offices of an architecture firm, Bastien and Associates offices in Orange County, at 2961 Edinger Ave, in Tustin, CA. They bought the elaborate movie sets (for the Grand Hallway and Cleo's Bedroom) from DreamWorks and installed them in their office building! If you'd like to see them, the sets are visible when you first walk in. Link to Map of Location" Taken from

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Organic Pessimism

Organic is the new buzzword. I go into the store and see Organic this, and Organic that. I see fruit in the organic section that is much more than Non-Organic fruit. The difference, one tiny sticker. Yup, one teeny tiny sticker. Oh, I know that the government "assures" that this fruit is organic, but really, come on! The government can't even find the cause of Salmonella outbreaks anymore. So your on your diet, eating spinach one day, then hear that you could catch Salmonella, and switch to tomatoes, then hear they are tainted, too. What's a person to do? Switch to a Cinnamon Bear diet (They are Non-Fat, I hear)? Oh wait, we were talking about Organic food items.

So, okay. They need webcams set up on the places where these stickers are put on the fruit. I need some kind of proof there isn't any funny business.

I mean, I picture a grower with a bunch of fruit, right. There are two crates; One crate is the cheaper "Un-Organic" fruit, and the other :cue angel music: is the More Expensive, "Hip, Now, Wow, Organic" fruit. Now, see this would never happen, ever, but what if the grower looked around and put the stickers on the "Non-Organic" fruit, loaded them in the Organic crate, then went home and bought his family a Wii, Rock Band and had a weekend blowout party.

So, I'm sorry if everytime I look at that Organic fruit with the sticker, I get a picture in my head of the grower's kid failing hard on Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody, and asking for a PS3 for his party next weekend.

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Sunday, November 1, 2009

November Fun Facts

  • Thanksgiving was first celebrated in the U.S. in 1789.

  • The ancient Roman calendar listed November as the ninth month.
  • The birthstone for November is the topaz.

  • John F. Kennedy was assassinated in November 1963.

  • Lincoln’s Gettysburg address was given in November 1863.

  • The US and Canada celebrate the end of WWI on November 11.

  • Winter once began on November 11, according to the calendar of ancient Rome.
Have a great November, all!