Friday, October 30, 2009

My Thoughts on Lady GaGa (Is that really how it's spelled?)

So, I kept hearing about this Lady GaGa, and then heard again, and again. I started to see pictures of Lady GaGa's outrageous outfits. I watched her on SNL on 10/04/09, and saw the Atom getup she was wearing. It reminded me of one of the more outrageous Elton John costumes. I walked into the kitchen, and kept listening (not watching) to the SNL piano performance, and ya know, that lady can sing. I mean sing well. No Ashley Simpson lip synching or Britney electronica voice changing. Lady Gag can really sing. One day, she will step aside for the camera shot grabbing outifts, and be who she is and the talent she's got. Till then, you get a singing Atom with sparks flying out of her bra.

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