Friday, November 13, 2009

Bible Stories for people who are older than 5 - Hosea, a Love Story

I know I'm a jokester, but I can get serious, too.

Okay, Veggie Tales are great. Yup. Really cool, but...

There are other stories in that Bible book, too.

So, I thought that I would pick stories that Veggie Tales wouldn't do.

I picked Hosea. You know that one right? God told a Prophet to marry a Prostitute.You don't believe me? Yup, it's in there. So, how to portray the story?

As a movie/video? Nope, don't have time, money or actors to do it.

As CGI (Like the Veggie Tales)? Nope (See answer above).

I chose Audio Drama. It's like Old Time Radio drama. Cool, Old Time Radio Drama. And that's what I did...

Hosea, a Love Story Teaser

Hosea, a Love Story Promo

And now, here is Hosea, a Love Story

Play the Hosea audio
Click Here

For full cast information, visit:

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