Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Coming Soon - Christmas. And Tuesday's Chuckle. #fb

Hello. My name is Jeff Roney. The long O, like phony baloney. Let's try it together - Jeff Roney. Good, okay. I'm a married DINK (Double Income, No Kids). Don't worry about us not having kids; 1. I act up most of the time, 2. We watch Super Nanny alot (So we can help Mom's out when their kids have meltdowns at Disneyland), and 3. We love going to Disneyland, so again, we become "tag-in" parents who are on a different time zone, and not fully rested to kids who keep asking for Mango churros over and over. Note: There are no Mango Churros at Disneyland, but I am hoping they will add Super Bran Churros to the selections, but that's me.

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I like your hat

blueviolet said...

Loved your guest post over at The Obnoxious SAHM. :)