Tuesday, November 17, 2009

My Superpassword story. Yee Haw! #fb

I love watching TV shows being taped, but the most fun I had was on Super Password. That's right, Super Password. I went with my church group many years ago, and was enthralled with all the behind the scenes fun of the taping. I had forgotten that beside showing you what happens behind the scenes, the show gives out prizes. So, it was prize time, and the name was drawn, and it was - me. That's right, me.

The drawer of side prize winner called me down front. The place erupted with cheers, and I ran to get my prize. Before I tell you what happened when I got down front, a little background.

I am a good mimicker of people. It's a blessing or a curse, however you want to look at it. I have certain voices I go to in a split section; Country hick, Italian guy, New Yorker, and others. Seriously, in the early nineties I called in as a co-worker, and said that he would be late, and 1 minute later, he walked in the door. Yup, I can mimick people. Okay, back to my prize. So...

I ran down to the front, and the drawer person asked, "Where are you from, Mr. Roney?" And, I don't why, but I lapse into the Country accent, and said, "Dallas". My group busted up laughing, because San Bernardino, CA is a bit rural, but nowhere near Dallas. Well, I had to wait 6 to 8 weeks for my wonderful Brother Typewriter prize, but hey, I won it. Oh, one more story.

During the whole Super Password winning the typewriter thing, I was going to college in Costa Mesa, CA. Great, awesome, yes. Well, I went home to San Bernardino on the weekends, and drove back to school on Sunday afternoon. Well, one Sunday afternoon, I was driving through Irvine, and a police car pulled me over. It was about my car tags (long story, and not for now), and during the ticket writing process, he noticed the typewriter in the back seat. He leaned in and asked, "Is that you're typewriter?" In retrospect, I should have just said, "Yes," but I decided to tempt fate, and do something that one day would end up here for you to read, and I replied, "I won it on a game show". Well, the one Policeman laughed and called the other one over, and they did the old ask me again, and look into my eyes to see if I was lying. The policeman said, I was lucky, and won a free trip home with my typewriter. I still don't like to drive through Irvine, figuring they'll stop me and bother me about my iPhone now.

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