Tuesday, December 15, 2009

New Shocking Ways Airlines Are Saving Money! #fb

I'm a trainer. Well, actually, I'm a spy. I live a life of danger and intrigue. Nah, I'm really a trainer. I explain how to use things to people that really don't want to learn, and help them use it once its turned on. Yep, I'm a trainer.

I travel quite a bit, and I remember getting on a plane one time and putting on the seatbelt and it took some wriggling back against the seat, and some clever leaning to get it locked. I got so mad. I said, "You know its really sad when an airline has got to stoop to this level to save money. Buying smaller seatbelts?? I mean, really. Shorter seatblets is all they could come up with to save money? Why not remove the crappy monitors and sell them on Ebay? What about not buying cups for the flights, and just pass around a jug of water and Emergen-C to everyone? It's crazy what a airline will stoop to, so they can save money! I mean, there's never anyone at the counter when I get there, and they charge for those dumb snacks! Smaller Seatbelts!! Ah! How could an airline do this???"

Soonafter, I was cleaning out the "junk room," and took the boxes, broken fans, 8 different types of Swiffer-ish mops, and other items off the scale and weighed myself. Heh, it turns out the airline seatbelt length didn't change at all. Sigh. Sorry airlines. Now, who hid my diet meal planning book?

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