Monday, March 8, 2010

A Little Distraction - Teach Someone to do Something #fb

I'm convinced that we could get most things done, if we all taught each other what each other knows. I have a good friend who's a plumber, and he showed me how to snake out a drain. My wife showed me how to make her so awesome chili. We can learn so much from other people, but also we can teach other people so much, too.

First, we need realize we have something to offer to other people. What do you know how to do that others don't? Speak a different language? Build a website? Use Twitter in a cool, new way? Mix together a safe and natural household cleaner? Something else that someone could use?  

Note: Please make it legal and family friendly, okay?

I'm a software trainer/in site support by day, and I've showed lots of new trainers my ways to help users understand tough concepts by equating it to word pictures, drawings, etc. I know how to do it, because it comes naturally, but others don't.

Not everyone is like you. They haven't lived or learned like you. You are unique, and you know how do things no one else does, so pass things along. Some people believe that the more you know and keep to yourself, the more you are valued, but it's just the opposite - the more you share, teach and pass along, the more valued you are.

So, take some time this week to teach someone something. Whether its your children, family members, friends, co-workers, etc. Give it a shot. Remember, people learn by different ways; Listening to you, Watching you do it, and by doing it themselves while you watch them. Leave some comments on how it went for you.

Have a great week. Another little distraction coming next Monday. Tell a friend. :)


Boomka said...

Oh man tell me about it. THough today I listened to my coworker teaching her mother how to do something on facebook over the phone. It was a little bit... no... a LOT bit painful. I wanted to just scream IT'S NOT WORTH IT! But that was hardly the polite thing to do. But then again, polite is overrated sometimes. =0

SM said...

I try to teach what I know...then others can do it for me right?

I like your blog :)

Concord Carpenter said...

Great post, interesting blog. A guy blog too!

I'm following, ROB

Men Are Dumb. I Are One. said...

Thanks. :)