Monday, June 14, 2010

Dumb Guy of the Moment Awards

In no particular order...

1. Tiger Woods


2. Jesse James


I think I see Waldo in there. Seriously, dude...

Sandy would have got temporary tatoos for ya, I'll bet. Dude.

3. Joe Biden


Watch the video again.

4. Head of BP, Tony Hayward.


Seriously, you don't know?

5. It's Your Choice

[Photo removed]

Leave your suggestions in the comments and why. NOTE: Please don't be racist, keep the language family friendly, and let's not turn it into a political debate. Thanks.

So, who would you nominate for the Dumb Guy of the moment?


Daisygirl said...

I still love Tiger he is just addicted to sex...aren't we all???

Jesse James freakin blew it...dang he had Sandra freakin Bullock! I mean come on the tattoo chick is not cute!

Last picture...vomit in my mouth dude...vomit in my mouth!

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Jesse gets my vote - what an idiot!

Tiger is a close second with the lamest excuse ever. Come on, Dude - ALL guys are addicted to sex! No amount of therapy will ever change that.

Piedmont Writer said...

Tiger was stupid because he got caught. Jesse was stupid because he had Sandy and blew it for the tattoo queen. Joe can't help himself, he's just a beer drinking regular guy but looks good in a suit. Tony Hayward was probably kept out of the day-to-day operations so didn't know what was going on and someone had to be the fall guy. Which leaves the last guy. That is just gross. Dumb? Only if she suffocates.

Amy's Blah, Blah, Blogging said...

Um, I would say the girl in the last picture is the dumbest of them all...I mean, ewwwwww!

Norkio said...

#5 is just foul. Ick.