Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Weight Watchers

Men and Women treat Weight Watchers about the same. I think Weight Watchers meetings are alot like church.

There are the "do gooder" dieters who sit on the front row, and the naughty dieters that arrive late and sit in the back row.

The diet "minister" steps up to the podium and opens the service with a request for testimonies from the dieters.

One by one the dieters would stand up and share the trials, tribulations and triumphs over overeating. Some dieters listening feel so in agreement with what they hear they reply, "Yes," and sometimes, "Amen".

The diet "minister" shares a little homily about how to say no to the evils midnight snacks, Big Macs and Little Debbie Cake treats.

They take an offering of the dues required.

Next, the "confessional area" with the scale is then opened for the dieters.

They file to the back area where the sin or success of the week is weighed out on a scale.

Dieters try little tricks to fool the scale, but the scale never lies. Some dieters spend a little extra time confessing that lapse of the faithful to someone with a clipboard next to the scale. Admonitions are given, and promises to do better are given.

The faithful and the failing file out of the Sanctuary of Slimming Down, and the same thing happens next week, but more people show up in January.

Just sayin'


RA said...

And yet, WW seems to be working for most having attended those meetings. Maybe it is the similarity between WW and church that does it: eating fattenings stuff would be, psychologically of course, seen as SINNING! :D

Pat Tillett said...

Even though I probably should spend some time in both places, I avoid them like the plague.

great post!

Marlene said... your comparisons. So true! As a "graduate" of WW, eight years ago...I can truly attest to what you've written here. I remember sitting in the front when I'd had a good week, and sneaking in to the back row when I'd pigged out. :)

Hey - it worked though....lost 40 and have kept most of them off over the past 8 years!

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Think you nailed that one!

Daisygirl said...

haha, never been to one but it sounds about what it seems like! Ya that dang scale is a lie detector!

Maggie said...

See, in the WW meetings I attend, the rowdy crowd sits in the front. That would be me and my friends :-)

Other than that? This post was spot on! LOVE it!

Melanie said...

What about those in the middle...the few times I went I sat on an end seat in the middle?

End seat = quick getaway...not really a part of the groupy thing.

Middle = a bit ambivalent about whether I really wanted to "work" the WW thing.