Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Green Living

It's all the rage these days, but let's look at the way I see Men and Women living green.

Women like to buy new stuff. It's a fact. Women are like crows, they see something shiny, different new, pink, "new," and they buy it.

The same goes for "Green" or "Natural," they will buy it. Even though there are "do it yourself green" cleaners you can mix yourself at home, cleaning product makers lure women to buy theirs all the time.

Men are far better at recyling and reusing than women can even fathom;

Men will wear clothes over and over (saving laundry soap, gas or electric for water heating and water) until a woman assures them that clothes must be washed every week, not matter if the guy sweated in the clothes or not.

Men would go for months and not wash bed sheets and pillow covers, if they have them. They are convinced that dust mites are Mattress company propaganda.

If men have a dog in the house, they would let the dog lick the dinner plate clean (saving dishwashing liquid, gas or electric for water heating and water) and make the dog happy.

Men would grow a full face beard (saving electricity for the shaver or hot water and soap).

What else do you know men to do to "live green"?


Will Burke said...

We use old cand, jars, and margerine tubs to hols nuts, bolts and screws, which we're also re-using.

Matty said...

If we drop food on the floor, we pick it up, brush it off and eat it. Want not, waste not.

Pat Tillett said...

Amen to that!
I keep a glass in the fridge that I use to get ice water. It stays in there for weeks getting used over and over again. Everyone in my family thinks it's gross. I think it's handy and "green!"

The Hawaii Guy said...

Men also have a tendency to keep trash out of the landfill by keeping all the fast food wrappers in the car instead!

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Why keep a fancy garden or flowerbed? Let it grow natural and encourage wildlife!

Kicking Back On Sundays said...

Garden chemicals and special grass? PLEASE crabgrass is green and far heartier than that sissy stuff that requires lawncare

Kelley said...

Ahhhhhhhh!!! You can't be serious about the bedsheets!!! You are, aren't you? I have my husband and two sons in this house, so I know all about green living. Did you mention how much water they save by avoiding brushing their teeth? I like this spin you put on green living. Funny!

Shadow said...

- drink out the bottle (to save washing a glass)
- reclining in front of the tv (to save energy - even if it's only their own, heee hee heee)

just explain, please, why you guys never throw a magazine away. the tree's been cut, the info's old, so why not recycle it??? why must they fill shelves and shelves in cupboards and gather dust? and 'just in case' just doesn't cut it?!?!?!