Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Give the Best Gift of all... #fb


As you go through your life, you develop an idea that everything will stay the same way;

Kids will never grow up,
The family will always be there,
and things will never change.

Somebody said, "The only thing that's constant in life - is change," and its true.

As we go through the holidays, try to capture more of it on some digital format.

Digital pictures, sure.
Digital movies, sure.

Normally there is a point when the larger family group sits down and starts to tell stories. Buy a digital audio recorder and capture those stories that you've "heard a thousand times," in a digital format that can be played for your kids/necies/etc when some of the older family members telling the stories have passed away, moved away, etc.

Today is today forever, so try to capture as much as the sights, sounds, and if you can - the feelings that are there for the future.

Happy Holidays. :)


(The Obnoxious SAHM) said...

excellent advice

Jen Avila said...

I agree! Wonderful reminder. Thanks. :)