Friday, January 1, 2010

Do Over Day

Let's think back 365 days ago. I'll bet you made resolutions, didn't you (Me, too), and how did we (Me, too) do with those?

Maybe one got done. Yup, me too.

I have great news. Today is Do Over Day. The day that we can forgot the mis-steps of the past year, and start over.

You can do whatever you want to do. It's true.

"But Jeff, I have this limitation and that limitation. I don't have enough (fill in the blank)..."

I want to gingerly remind you of something (me, too). We had 364 days to make things happen for us, and we didn't, however we did lots of things in those 364 days, right. We probably did the same things within that time, too, right?

On Do Over Day, we can change our thinking. If we think we can't, we won't. If we think we can, we move into a new place of new possibilities. You can, if you want to.

Do you want to be (fill in what you want)? Really, do you want to be that? Yes? Then, on this Do Over Day, I give you the power to change your life.

"Uh, Jeff, that's weird talk. Are you going to ask me to walk on coals, send you $50 bucks or something?"

Nope. No coals, and don't send me any money for this. I don't want us (Me, included) to die with a long list of regrets. I'd like us to live our lives on 10, going as fast as we can, finding and living out our gifts, talents and destinies.

You can.

Read it again.

No matter who we are, where we are, what we are currently doing, we can change and do anything we want to do.

You can.

Now, Go do it.


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