Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Difference between Men and Women #28 - Cute


Cute is a word like Aloha. It means 45 things, especially to women.

To men, cute means attractive. That's it. A cute woman, sure. Cute dog, well that's pushing the use of the word over into female use territory. So, for the sake of our discussion here, to me- cute means attractive.

Now, to women, cute has a whole host of meanings, levels and flourishes. Ready for this? Okay, let's trudge into the world of Cute.

To a Woman, cute can mean;

1. Attractive (Person). Yes, there is at least one agreement between Men and Women.

2. Attractive (Dog). Kinda the same thing, but add pink collar, shiny jewels, and bows tied somewhere. Note: Usually the dog is smaller, and has a cute face. I really can't help you as far as what constitutes a cute dog face, so you'd have to ask a woman about that. Besides, I know where that face has been.

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Aha! It's The Obnoxious SAHM said...

cute blog Jeff

carma said...

cute is really such a universal word; I work in a "sophisticated setting" :D (although I'll be the first to admit I'm not that sophisticated-see blog)- yet I often catch myself using the word "cute" in describing incredibly expensive artwork -- not so good!! Imagine telling the artist, "That's a cute piece." doh!

Kathy said...

What about cute kids? And babies are very cute.

There are also cute situations and expressions. When I tell my girlfriend something that happened with one of my kids or something one of them said, she'll say, "Oh that's so cute."

Men Are Dumb. I Are One. said...

Very true, ladies. I knew I missed a few. Thanks for including them here. :)

Jen Avila said...

Outfits are cute, meaning the person wearing them LOOKS cute or it is just flattering on them. So, cute could mean flattering. Or it could mean hip and up to date. Or it could mean that it is appropriate for the situation. So, I guess cute could mean something for the clothing world.
Love this idea, by the way! Keep up the posts. :)

LDH said...

Visiting for the first time and enjoyed the cute posts! Many made me smile!

Syona said...

As Carma said, "cute" is truely universal! I find I use it when people show me pics. of their children or of their significant others and I don't want to be rude or kill their spirits. Sorry!

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

First time visitor, now a follower and FB fan. Great stuff. Love humor writing.

kristi said...

LOL, yep my mind went there! Sure did! Some little things are not cute at all!

Men Are Dumb. I Are One. said...

Good points, all. Great comments keep coming in. I appreciate the kind words. More great stuff to come. Tell your friends about it. :)

Cupcake said...

That's fucking great! And you are TOTALLY fucking SPOT ON!

Anything small is cute. Small cars, dogs(any small animal really, bunnies,kittens...) other women(if they can admit it), babies, and clothes and shoes are ALWAYS cuter in smaller sizes damnit!

Things that are NOT okay to be 'cute' and means "Are you fucking kidding me?"

Houses, rings(like you said, we totally feel sorry for the other women. LOVED THAT!), ANYTHING that our girlfriends have a bigger one of.

Mint green and mauve are cute colors! (As is pink!)

Jodi said...

This blog is CUTE!! Thanks for following me, I am not following you. This blog is funny!! I will add you to my blogroll too!

I have to catch up and read the rest of your blog later when I get back from errands.

Cute = babies and kittens too.
You are totally right. Small diamonds are not cute. At all. LOL

Kiera said...


jk. but very true.

Juliana said...

Ha ha CUTE blog! Seriously, this was a great post though and really made me laugh. I get the CUTE all the time being a bit over 5 foot but I think that women just want to be told they are beautiful....le sigh can men ever really win ha ha

Le Chateau des fleurs said...

That's really cute. Mignon in French. Used for babies, little kids. Yes small things....Thanks for following my blog, i am following yours :)

Joe @ 20 To Life said...

I need my husband to read this :D

He's asked me about the cute thing before too. Rolled his eyes, sighed and said "How the hell do I know if it's cute??" when I asked him if he thought this paint swatch was a cute pick for the boys room, lol. Well done :D

storyteller said...

I have, on rare occasion, been called "cute" by women, particularly in college a few years ago. Now I'm not sure what to think about that. You've challenged my thinking.