Monday, March 1, 2010

A Little Distraction - Build a Sand Castle #fb


Build a Sand Castle

Even though I'm a joker, I do see lots of people letting life pass them by. Many live to meet deadlines, duties and slowly destroy dreams they used to have. Once a week, I will give suggestions to pause the supersonic pace of life, and remember to enjoy the life, people and the planet around us.

I've come up with a list I call, "Little Distractions that (Most) Everyone Needs," and I'll introduce them on  Mondays. Doing that will give you a week to schedule it whenever you can during the week, and I invite you to come back and post a comment letting us all know what happened, and how it felt for you. Ready?

Build a Sand Castle. The beauty of a Sand Castle is that it is temporary. Sometimes, the greatest moments in life are temporary. We adults focus on things that cost more or represent longevity (car, house, things), but no worth is placed on moments that are here one minute and gone the next. Sometimes those moments can stay with you longer that buying something that requires payments for years. A Sand Castle isn't just sand in a particular shape, it can represent many things we used to do or take for granted. Understand?

I realize that some people may not live anywhere a beach, but the idea is to do something you may have done as fun, as a child. I can imagine parents give children opportunities to have fun, but keep themselves in the "adult world," during the kid fun time. Why not join in? Whatever you feel you can do comfortably and safely (Please be careful). Try to find a way to recapture the fun you used to have as a child. It is sad that the older you get, you have less "silly" fun, and act "more mature".

Have a great week. Another little distraction coming next Monday. Tell a friend. :)


Matty said...

I refuse to grow up. Nothing better than having fun, even like a kid.

Sliding on the Edge said...

Man, do I love the sand castle idea. Can I add a couple for you're readers?
1) Dig out your favorite book as a kid and read it again.

2)Color and do it outside the lines.

Thanks for letting me play a bit.

Aha! It's The Obnoxious SAHM said...

awesome idea - i look forward to see them on Mondays! :) btw i stink at making sand castles

Jodi said...

With living in NJ and all the snow we are getting. I can do sorta the equivalent. I can build a snowman!