Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Difference between Men and Women #107 - The Purse

The purse has long been revered as a mystical place where women carry items to keep them prepared for any situation that could come their way.

If a child falls and scrapes their knee, a Mother opens up her purse like Batman's special belt and pulls out sprays, ointments and band-aids, and in a few seconds the child is good as new.

What has men perplexed is the size of the purse compared to the contents. We aren't sure if the purse is akin to;

Mary Poppins bag,
Felix the Cat's magic bag, or
some strange animal skin from the Island on the TV show, Lost - a female purse can carry much more than it appears it can.

Not only is it a Medic kit for any cough, fever, belly ache, scrape, set a splint or concoct a potion to help any child in need. A purse it also a weapon.

A women's purse must have the ability to gain weight whenever it needs to be swung at an attacker or a child or husband acting up. I'm now leaning to the magical Lost TV island animal skin idea, because I'm also convinced that a woman's purse can stop a bullet at point blank range (Ok sure, maybe the Titanium makeup holders may help a little).

Men just have wallets. Just wallets. You put too much in them, and you sit angled to one side, and that another trip to the Chiropractor. You try to put stuff in your pockets, but that isn't enough to rival the space and usability of the purse, so along came the messenger bag.

The Messenger Bag was the first crossover attempt to allow men to carry more things outside of a wallet. It was a slow and much discussed early adoption period, cause some men couldn't handle a  "Man Purse". Along came Technology to cure it for many more.

Some men (me included) noticed that you just can't carry an mp3 listening/phone device. You need chargers, usb thingamabobs, gizmos and gadgets to keep the darn thing running, so the need for a Purse-ish bag for a man became quickly evident.

The fanny pack is out (like a Beta Max player), but wait - what about a camera bag?


A camera bag is surely more macho than a Messenger Bag. Yes, that would work for skittish men. A camera bag. Fantastic idea.

One more wrong of the world had been righted. A functional bag that men could carry had been found, and so did the reason to carry such a bag (besides being a photographer).

Men everywhere can know experience the feeling of always being ready for any Technological snafoo that life hands us. Phone running low? Reach in the "Tech Bag," and whip out the charge cable to save the day. Feeling a little peckish? Carry a snack along. Need to carry an iPad? Can't help ya with that. Try pulling a Red Ryder wagon along behind you. Those iPads are big.

Men and Women can experience a small victory in the battle of relating to each other, they both can carry more than they need, whether they need it or not.

And yes, when I sling my Tech Bag cross shouldered, I do feel like Indiana Jones (including the theme song I hum to myself).

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Note: The pic of the purse was used by permission. If you would like to buy that purse or others by fromnancy. Stop by her Etsy shop and check them out. Please tell her that Jeff from Men are Dumb sent you. Thanks.

Note: I'm not getting any compensation from this. I think Nancy's got lots of cool styles, and wanted to showcase her work.


Misty said...

hey, wanted to tell you im following your blog. maybe you would follow back?

Miss Understood said...

I am now following your blog. It is refreshing to read something that comes from a mans point of view. There are so many mom blogs out there so its nice to read something new. Also our purses are pretty close to batmans tool belt. I loved that :)


Miss Understood said...

And I almost forgot. Why no posts on the Twilight Forever blog?? You need to get some going. Im a closet Twird. You know, a Twilight nerd :)

Aha! It's The Obnoxious SAHM said...

i never thought i would see the day of you blogging about purses Jeff. you've come a long way. ha ha ha i'll have to check her site out. thanks for the heads up.

Charla said...

Do you know that even after 20 years of marriage, my husband STILL won't get something out of my purse? Instead, he'll bring me the purse so that I can get it out. Ummm, guys, nothing in there is boobytrapped. Promise!

fraizerbaz said...

Sometimes, I really hate carrying a purse. It can be so inconvenient and cumbersome. I wish I could just carry a wallet in my back pocket, like men do. (But that would look funny.)

Cathy said...

I love your post. My husband was beside me and I read it out loud to him. He had to agree! I also read the comment from Charla and she's so right. My husband still refuses to go into my purse, lol!
I am now following your blog, thanks.

RN Mama said...

I saw that you were a new follower to my blog, and I wanted to stop by and say HI. I just might follow, but don't tell my husband, because I told him I wouldn't read a blog written by a man. Well, mainly I told him that, because I wouldn't read his blog, should he have one!

Anonymous said...

The title of your blog kind-of drew me in.

But, Im not telling anyone the contents of my bag ;-)

Daisygirl said...

Its always awesome to meet a male blogger that tells it like it is! Thanks for the follow I am now following your blog.

Can't ya just wear a bag pack? Whenever I think of men with purses (or camera bags disguised as purses) I think of that episode of Friends were Joey had the man bag!

Alissa said...

I did see a teenage boy at the movies the other night with a backpack. Of course he might just have been smuggling in cheap candy (which purses are often used for) but maybe this was his way around the purse dilemma.

Millennium Housewife said...

I always keep a spare curry in mine, the most used item.

sambycat said...

thats one crazy purse! and trace has what he calls "an ammo bag". it is still a murse.

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

Enjoyed this very much. I realized a few years ago that I had simply swapped the diaper bag for the "hand bag." Or as the husband calls it, "The Bottomless Pit." He says, "I refuse to reach in there to search for keys. It is scary in there."