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SpotLight - My Wife, Colleen Roney Part 1 #fb

I exist. For those of you that may be wondering if Jeff is just some random single guy spouting a bunch of stuff about men and women, don't worry. I do exist. I'm his wife, Colleen. Jeff and I have been married for 10 and a half wonderful years. We met at work, started dating, fell in love, and got married. It was a fairly brief courtship (we married roughly 15 months after our first date), but it has been the best part of this long ride I call my life.

Here's the story of how we met and fell in love:

I was working for a company as a trainer. Jeff was brought in as another trainer, about 6 months after I was there. I remember distinctly the day he was interviewed - our boss brought him around and introduced him as the newest member of the team who would be starting in a couple of weeks. I recall looking at him and thinking "This poor guy. He's the only guy with a bunch of crazy women. But then again, he's got that married look about him, so he's probably used to crazy women." The minute she walked him around the corner, I forgot what he looked like. No lie. That was my first impression. Two weeks later, he started, but I was out on the road and didn't think much about him. We were sent to the same basic location, but he was at one branch in one city and I was in another branch in a nearby city. We talked via phone. I do recall he asked me some questions, I answered and then he said that he owed me lunch for helping him out. That was a very bold move, but it also kinda gave me the willies. I mean, I didn't know this guy and here he's trying to buy me lunch just for answering some questions? Anyway, as the weeks passed I was out on the road more and more, and so were the others in our small group. So, since everyone was so spread out our boss decided to call a mandatory Saturday meeting. It was so we could get together and discuss policies and procedures, as well as have time to bond with our co-workers we never saw. Great. Just what I wanted. To spend my precious Saturday - my one and only day just for me - with people I work with.

So, we have this meeting and everyone's there, and then after this 4 hour meeting we are supposed to have lunch together. I headed to the restaurant and got there right after Jeff and another co-worker (a very wonderful woman by the name of A.M.), so the three of us got a large booth and waited for the other two folks to show up - our boss and another co-worker. I remember distinctly thinking that I needed to arrange a way for me to sit next to Jeff, and make sure no one else did. I also remember thinking I was a loon and needed to have my head examined. But it worked out that way, and the three of us started talking. Somehow the conversation steered towards the topic of relationships. I found out that Jeff was divorced, not married like I thought. As we were discussing the difficulties of dating in our jobs with all the traveling we were doing, our boss walked up and asked what we were talking about. We told her, and the first thing out of her mouth was "Why don't the two of you start dating?" My brain went into a tail spin. In the span of about 5 seconds I thought to myself "If I say 'sure, why not', Jeff may have one of two reactions - 'Ew, gross', or 'What china pattern shall we pick?' - either of which would be a bad thing for me. Then I thought, "But if I say 'no, thank you' he's going to have one of two reactions - 'Oh, thank God!' or 'I'm going to kill myself' - and I didn't want to see that either. I felt like I was in a hole trying to claw my way out, and at the moment I started to speak, A.M. said "Colleen, don't you have that 'no dating co-workers' policy?" Freedom! I don't have to encourage a raving lunatic or crush a sweet guy! I responded that it is difficult to date co-workers, and then our boss said "Yeah, but weren't you dating Wade recently?" Nice. I got out of the hole and she pushes me back into it. Wade was a tech support guy I went out with a couple of times - as FRIENDS. But it looked like we were dating. Not so much. I explained that I was not dating him - because I was never home to go out with him. Boss lady said "Oh, so it wouldn't be any different dating Jeff." Yeah, I'm going to just sit in the hole.

Needless to say, after that lunch I couldn't stop thinking about Jeff. It actually made me a little crazy. I had pretty much resigned myself to the fact that I wasn't going to date anyone unless they were young and irresponsible (clearly not marriage material), and here was Jeff. Complete opposite. Not that he was old, for those that just gasped that I would call my husband old. But I was talking about 19 and 20 year olds (I was 29 at the time, mind you). I was a cougar before it was fashionable! But I digress....

-- This is Jeff. We will hold the rest of the story til next week. Be sure to come back and here the rest of the great story.

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Jen Avila said...

I LOVE to hear these stories. Nice to hear the histories of people and couples. Thanks for sharing. :) said...

I love the details.

Aha! It's The Obnoxious SAHM said...

I LOVE IT :) YaY! A love story :)