Sunday, April 18, 2010

Spotlight - Improv Everywhere #fb

It's part prank, part mobile Broadway show, and the rest is proof that even in the crazy world we live in these days, some people give away good feelings for free. In their words, it's "organized fun," and it really is.

Improv Everywhere started in August of 2001 by two college buddies in New York, Brandon Arnold and Jon Karpinos impersonating Ben Folds at a local pub, and has grown from there. 

Whether its a cellphone symphony, spontaneous musicals at a Mall food court (one was featured on NBC news with help from Ann Curry) or local grocery store, flooding Target or Best Buy with helpful helpers (wearing the proper attire), shopping in slow motion at a Home Depot, freezing in place for a set period of time at Grand Central Station, arranging welcoming parties for random strangers at an airport (including clapping, cheers, flowers, balloons, and signs with their names), or my personal favorite, a bell choir assisting a lone Salvation Army bell ringer at Christmas time (Guerrilla Handbell Strikeforce).

I love this site, and what they do.

Here is a book about their exploits offered via my affiliate link:


On the site, they have videos of just about every "mission," as well as behind the scenes notes and videos of the planning and setup. I could keep going on and on, but that would keep you from visiting their site, so I will stop now. Please have a wonderful day, and check out Improv Everywhere: 
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