Saturday, September 25, 2010

Don't Steal then Hide in a Dumpster, because Today is Trash Day.

Another dumb guy story. This is to incredible to be true, but it is. Wow.

"When police were called out to a robbery at their local Wal-Mart , the suspected thief appeared to vanish into thin air.

For about 40 minutes on Wednesday morning, officers in Alliance, Ohio searched the area for a suspect who was accused of trying to sneak about $1,000 worth of merchandise out of the superstore's side door.

Then the police got a call from an man claiming to be his friend.

Alliance Police Lt. William Morris told Fox 8 News that the caller told police that his friend, James Brienzo, 37, had used his mobile phone to get help."

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Monkey Man said...

Funny story. I write a little ditty called "What the Hell Wednesday" that is an excerpt of a story like this one followed by my comments. These are fun to find. Great post and thanks for coming by my blog and following. I'll be back.

Cheeseboy said...

Ha ha! That is so stinkin' funny! Total morons.

kristi said...

What an idiot!

Marnie said...

The nick names he is going to now inherit from this story are many.

-MissC* said...

Seems apropos that worthless trash would hide in a dumpster. Too bad the garbage truck wasn't able to finish the job!!!
My husband started a blog recently. If you're into sports, video games, or beer you might enjoy checking his blog out.

The Let's Talk! Mom said...

Incredible story!!

Following you back - looks like a great place to get a dose of humor each day!


Anonymous said...

Hey just started following you. I adore your other site too. Lookin' forward to reading!

Shadow said...

good grief!!!! hilarious... and just rewards maybe????

p.s. your blog name is so intriguing, i had to pop in and say 'hallo'!!! enjoyed my stay here, too!

Brittney said...

lol moron!