Saturday, October 23, 2010

Dumb Drunk Guy Showers in Wrong House

A WOMAN at home alone was terrified when she heard someone having a shower in her house.

Police later found a red-faced neighbour who was so drunk that he went into the house because he thought it was his own.

"He was very apologetic," Superintendent Daniel Shean said.

The man got lost on the way to his house in Katherine on Wednesday night. He walked into the home and took a shower in an attempt to sober up.

The 34-year-old householder was asleep upstairs.

She woke up, heard the water running and frantically rang the police.

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SSW said...

OMG I would have freaked out too! That is definitly a dumb man, and sounds like he doesn't need to be drinking!

Will Burke said...

Thankfully, that's as far as he got!