Friday, December 10, 2010

Red Dead Redemption Review

Red Dead Redemption is probably the best videogame I've played in a long time. Sure, there's lots of horse riding, cattle herding and bronco busting, but it is awesome.

The story is fantastic, the visuals are phenomenal and they have the best  voice actors for any game ever. I thought John Marston was voice by Bill Paxton, but it was a newcomer, Rob Wiethoff.The rest are newcomers, but they are great!

There is a great add-on called Undead Nightmare which adds the zombie element, and isn't that what every game needs?

Now, if you are expecting a highly geeked out review, read the name of this blog again.

So, like I said, I loved the story of the very complex, John Marston.

He is introduced to the story nearly dead in a shootout at Fort Mercer but rescued by a feisty, cultured and cute farm gal, Bonnie McFarland.

Sure, I knew he was married but you can't deny the digital sparks flying off the screen when they were together. I kept waiting for a kiss - or something. Like I said, I've seen (Thanks to my wife) lots of romantic comedies, and I know the signs of a building romance - and there was one there.

Look, I have nothing against John's wife, Abigail Marston.

We all know she had a "troubled" past, and John married her to make an honest woman of her. However, I'm telling you, you play the game and tell me if there wasn't some kind of feelings between Bonnie McFarland and John Marston.

Remember how Bonnie drug her foot in the sand after she met Abigail for the first time? Play the game and see for yourself.

Oh, what if I was John Marston? I'm not, so we'll leave it at that.

Warning: There is some adult language, game violence, disturbing discussions and an adult 'romantic' (ahem) situation (but not with John and Bonnie) depicted, so this ain't for the kiddies.

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Samantha VĂ©rant said...

I'm not a gamer, so I've got nothing to say besides...hello! And I can't believe video games now have plots.

Vance said...

She very much loved John Marston. It's not his fault, but I do give him thumbs up for not going and sleeping around! I was really captured by this video game and its story. I put a lot of hours into it and thought John Marston was amazing. I am sad I beat the game and I am thinking about playing it again.

bigwords is... said...

Must say I am visiting your blog purely for it's name! Looking forward to watching the movie just to see the "adult situation"!! Hilarious