Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Men and Women use pillows very differently.

Guys need one pillow to sleep on, that's it. Guys will probably keep the same pillow for 10 years, if they could get away with it (cost efficiency, ya know). Sometimes a guy's pillow will have a pillow case, most times not. A pillow without a pillow case can be alot tree rings, because a guy can trace sicknesses back through time. Just sayin', ladies.

Ladies are not as frugal as men with pillows. They love pillows, all kinds of pillows. The more pillows the better. If you look at most beds women sleep in, there are at least 8 pillows, on average (Canadians, do the metric conversion on that, will ya.).

If you ask a woman why must there be so many pillows, you may get, answers like;

They were in sale,
I like them,
They are cute,
I read about it in a Feng Shui book,
Oprah wanted me to,
One day we might run out of pillows in 2012, and I want to make sure we have enough if the world needs them,
Don't make me say "because" again,

It could be that the your lady has a Cleopatra complex. When the male of the house is gone, she piles the 50 pillows in all shapes and sizes on the bed, and she lies upon them with her bowl of peeled grapes, surveying her domain. Just then, the phone rings, and watching her get down quickly from Mount Throw Pillow without breaking her neck would only be seen by the cat - if the cat were awake.

Heck, I think I know why we have so many pillows on the top of the bed at our house - to protect the bed, just in case the ceiling fan falls down.

That bed was expensive.

How many pillows do you have on top of your bed? Be honest.

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skoots1mom said...

4...i use an extra pillow under my legs...helps my back.
i'd like to have a body pillow but too bulky

JustineDell said...

Four. Two for me, two for the hubs.

If they didn't take up too much room, or for the fact they would be pain to move everynight, I would have more...because they are "pretty". lol


Daisygirl said...

ha well crap I have nothing to say on this one because it's true!
My hubman's pillow disguising and covered in dribble. Me I have 6! Oh and a leg pillow too!

RA said...

One. The anatomic one I sleep on. But then, maybe I am the exception that confirms the rule, eh? :D

D Jordan Knight said...

Really? Because my husband uses twice as many pillows as I do, and he doesn't look a thing like Cleopatra :/

RAY J said...

lol... we have like 4 or 5 now.

I have to sleep with 2 because I like to sleep on my side and sandwich an arm between the 2 pillows under my head. I recently added a 3rd as hubby needed a new pillow, I got him one, and then he claimed it wasn't firm enough and went and bought one.

We also have one of those "boyfriend" pillows - the kind with the back and "arms" which I prop up against the wall and sit against while I'm on my laptop, but when not in use, it's used as the corner pillow for the corner of the top of the bed up against the wall.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Okay, I'm going to throw off the bell curve - my wife has one large, fluffy pillow and I have two old, flat pillows. That's it.

One of The Guys said...

I use two. Am I still a guy?

Kelly said...

I am living proof of your theory. When our bed is made, no fewer than 8 pillows exist. I sleep with atleast 2-3 of them each night and my husband strips down his side of the bed so he only has one pillow. And it's a disgusting pillow, at that.

Aha! It's The Obnoxious SAHM said...

we gots 5

Anonymous said...

Most of my pillows usually wind up on the floor!

JenAvila said...

We have 5 pillows. 2 for hubby, 2 for me and 1 for between my knees. (I am a side sleeper.) We used to have more but the kids kept stealing and contaminating them with their kid goo. ;-) I love the look of lots of pillows and shams and frilly stuff.

Nej said...

4 pillows....1 for each of us....and then 2 I put on it when we make the bed before company arrives, otherwise those two are permanently piled on the dresser. :-)