Sunday, June 6, 2010

Dumb Guy reviews Sleepless in Seattle

The guy that was on the Bosom Buddies TV show is a widower. He isn't dealing with it well at work, so he takes some time off of work to go to Seattle. His son called a radio talk show and told the host that his Dad has trouble sleeping because he was lonely. The cute actress that had her face changed to look like the Joker from Batman hears the call, after she takes her fiance to meet her parents, and the story the Bosom Buddies guy and his son got to her.

Joker Face worked with the lady that used to have a talk show started to cook up this plan to get Joker Face to not marry her fiance, and go for the Bosom Buddy guy. It really wouldn't take much for her to leave him, because her fiance is allergic to everything. I guess Bosom Buddy guy takes Claritin. Yeah, Claritin can get the ladies. That is an unscientific opinion, of course.

The funniest lines are between the Bosom Buddy guy and the son, as they went through all the ladies that sent him letters.

Note: Letters are what we used to do before email.

Oh, and there's a funny scene with Meathead from All in the Family and the Bosom Buddy guy, too.

The Bosom Buddy guy starts to go out with some ladies, but Joker Face stalks him a little bit. I know stalking is a serious matter, but usually stalkers are weird looking people. Wait a minute. Okay, got it. Jokerface is stalking. Yup, makes sense.

The son starts hanging around this girl, and they cook up a plan to have the Bosom Buddies guy meet Jokerface on top of the Empire State building on Valentine's Day. Note: She would sneak away from her fiance to do this. That sounds like a Maury Povich show in the making if you ask me.

I've been on blind dates before, and "meet me on top of the Empire State building on Valentine's Day," is the weirdest thing I've ever heard of. It's bad enough waiting at a Starbuck's for someone to not show up, but The Empire State Building? What if the elevator wasn't working, and I had to climb the stairs all the way up. No way. Well, maybe if Jillian from The Biggest Loser was up there, she would actually be happy I would do that, and be all sweating climbing up all those stairs. Heck, she may even buy the coffee on our date (with Equal, of course).

So, Jokerface and the Bosom Buddy guy fall in love. The son was happy, and promised never to call up radio tak shows again.

Ya know at the end there, I really wanted King Kong to crawl up the side of the building and smile at them. That would have been perfect.

Oh right, King Kong couldn't have because he...

Hey, it's a movie and anything is possible, right? I also hope the Allergic fiance finds a nice pharmacist to marry. Just sayin'

Reviewed by Bert


Holly Renee said...

LOL, great review. You know, I've never actually sat down to watch this movie. That last picture you posted has me cracking up.

RA said...

ROTFLMAO !!! King Kong made it after all! :D
I have actually seen the film. Luckily, beacuse otherwise I wouldn't have recognized it from your description... your's was better.

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

I watched it for the first time this winter. Not that impressed, but it was OK. Funny post.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

You actaully make me want to watch the film again.
Okay, maybe not. Your version is probably better. Especially with King Kong. Maybe the Ghostbusters could drop in as well?

RAY J said...

I'm confused by the Jokerface reference - did Meg Ryan get something done recently or are you confusing her with Kim Basinger from the first Batman movie?

Kathy said...

Ha ha!

Yeah, I felt bad for the guy with allergies. Isn't that kinda rotten, dumping the poor guy just because he has allergies?

Daisygirl said...

yaya totally know this is your favorite movie!

Men Are Dumb. I Are One. said...

Thanks all. Ray J, I put a link in the post to a side by side pic of Meg and Jack Nicholson's Joker face.