Sunday, March 14, 2010

Spotlight - Singer and more, Sara Kamin #fb

I virtually met the Canadian songtress and great lady, Sara Kamin through KellyG (you'll meet her soon), and her voice and coolness as a person blew me away. I asked her for a bloggerview, and she agreed. And now, I would like you to meet, Sara Kamin:

Your Name: Sara Kamin

Sara, tell us a little about you: I'm a musician and a teacher. I study performance psychology and relational psychotherapy. I love music (especially Patty Griffin), my best friend, my parents, watching movies, eating ice cream and travelling (especially to the UK and Europe) more than anything in the world. When I grow up (oh wait, too late!) I want to be a relational psychotherapist working mostly with performing artists.

Hometown: Toronto

Where do you call home, now? Toronto (although I lived in Edinburgh, Scotland for two years and it too feels like home).

What is your purpose on this planet? To live the most authentic, genuine, creative, kind and fun-filled life I can.

Have you ever been on TV or Radio? If so, tell us about it: I'm on CBC Radio a lot - they play a lot of my music... I've also done various interviews on CFRB 1010... AND RONEYZONE! Don't think I've ever really been on TV though, no... isn't that a shame... wait... not YET!

What was the coolest day of your life? A tie. The day I found out I got into my MSc in Performance Psychology in Edinburgh and the CD release party for my third CD at Hugh's Room in Toronto.

Help a guy out. Dating Advice.

The best 3 things a guy can do on a date: Be open minded, listen well, be polite and respectful of EVERYONE (not just his date)

The worst 3 things a guy can do on a date: Be rude, talk too much, ignore you and look at other girls.

Your favorite male of all time: For different reasons, Colin Firth and one of my Professors from when I did my undergrad degree, Dean.

Least favorite male of all time: Can't pick one - bullies from my elementary school - they travel in packs, it seems.

If you wish guys would learn 3 things, what would they be? How to be respectful of others and our planet, that cars and sports are boring, that Nickelback is not a cool band.

Dumbest guy story: I went out for a movie and some beer/live music recently with a man I have had an on-again/off-again relationship/friendship with for the last two years. He proceeded to kiss me in the taxi on the way home, tell me that he loves me and feels closer to me than any woman in his life and then said (for the millionth time) he just wants us to be friends. I wrote a song about it - it's new and it's called Puppy Dog Eyes (apparently, he gets lost in mine!)

Sweetest guy story: When my Scottish ex-boyfriend and I had been together for about two weeks, he took me to the beach in Gullane, Scotland, we listened to Ocean Colour Scene (our mutual favourite band at the time) the whole way there, he bought me chocolate ice cream which we ate while walking along the shore, and he asked me if I would be his girlfriend. Then he took me back to his house and made me chicken fajitas.

What is one more thing you want the blog readers to know: That my music is EXCELLENT for getting over boys who have been mean to you. ;) 

If you want more, take a listen to her audio interview with me on my show, RoneyZone Radio: 

FYI - she is currently setting up a tour around the world, so check her out live.

I'd like to thank Sara for her great bloggerview and invite you get to know Sara and her music much more, and let her know Jeff Roney sent you. Thanks.

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Aha! It's The Obnoxious SAHM said...

awesome Jeff! I heard her and she is amazing. Her tone is like velvet. I am so glad to see her getting a well deserved spot light for sure. Sara is fabulous.

SilasCarder said...

"2 and 1/3 Star Wars figures" Most brilliant line I've ever read in a blog...ever. :-D

elsiee said...

Impressive AND comprehensive list of women's shoe types - don't forget my two favorites the "mule" and the "kitten heel" ohhhhh a kitten heel mule... DELSIH!!

love your blog!

La Petite Gallery said...

Well! This is my first visit. I think the whole thing is unsual.
Great Blog title. I think you have an interesting post..


Savvy Coupon Mommy said...

Hi :-)
New follower from the Friday Follow......very late...but here! :-) The list has gotten out of control long- think it will take me months to work my way through it! New followers appreciated at
(reviews & giveaways )
Nice to "meet" you

kim said...

Very funny! Yes size does matter and no cz! Thanks for following.

leandar said...

There is a couple of factors there that I'd like to make comment on. As far as cost and size goes, I know that when I gave my ex-wife her engagement ring, if she had griped about it's size I would have been PO'd on a severe level. Yeah, it was only about 125 bucks, but it was still hard to come by, working myself hard in fast food and going to school at the same time, that kind of money was hard to come by. Nevertheless, she liked the ring. I always thought it was important that things like this be from the heart and not the wallet, y'know? If the women that you're talking about Jeff, are thinking only in terms of size as far as the ring goes, then with all due respect, sounds to me like they are a bit on the vain side and need a bit of an attitude adjustment.

Maybe this makes me an idiot, but it's the way I feel.

Laurie Sarah said...

Thank you Jeff for choosing to feature us in this great blog! I am still giggling.