Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Hello. I wanted to poke my head in and say thanks.  I've been thrilled, touched and energized by the comments and all the cool people following the blog.  I'm a writer who was using podcasting ( RoneyZone Radio ( )) to get my message out, but I missed out on so much by not blogging here. I'm so happy to be here amongst all you great people.

I am here to stay, and I promise that this blog will be funny, touching and a teeny bit geeky, but all good. I have big plans for this blog, so I would ask that you would tell your friends about it, and stick with it as it grows.

More fun and great stuff to come. I will be spotlighting great people (including my wife, ya'll), and maybe even a little geeky stuff. I want this blog to be something special, so here we go. :)


Matty said...

Ready for the ride.

SM said...

Bring it!

Kari said...

Tiny bit geeky is the best!