Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Hey there, I wanted to take a quick second and recognize some cool blog peeps that have given me some shout out love.

First, Donna Hole gave me a shoutout on her blog:

"Jeff Roney is a seriously cool cat; an old gangsta who frequently forgets to take his vitamins before leaving the house in the mornings. The shame of it! “My name is Jeff. I'm a married guy, living in Orange County, CA. I'm a software trainer by day, and a Social Media content creator by night (Kinda like Twilight, but I don't sparkle). I blog, write stories, try to make money at it all, and help people traverse the Social Media waters. Thanks for stopping by, following and telling your friends about it.” For those interested in pod casts, he has two other blogs dedicated to that media here and here."

Thanks, Donna. Her blog can be found here


The Drama Mama gave me some shoutout love, too:

"Look up. Do you see? I have 140 followers, and my FIRST MALE FOLLOWER.  And I checked out his blog too. Do you know, he is funny? And not in that its-a-man-thing-women-wouldn't-understand kinda way either. Maybe he is funny in general since he is a man, and well, men are just funny creatures to start with. Either way, I'm glad he found me because I'm going to enjoy his perspective. A woman can never have enough of that. He even sums up the entire male species in his blog title: Men Are Dumb."

Thanks, Drama Mama. Her blog can be found here


Mrs. Addison quoted a portion of one of my Heart of the Matter posts on Practicing Empathy on a post she did on marriage:

"But I think that is a major difference between men and women - men want to fix the problem and move on, or just move on. And I think women are more prone to dwell on things and to want to know the ins and outs of the problem.

Jeff at Men are Dumb, and I Should Know said it well:

Relationships are tough. It was that way since the beginning of time, and the same is still true now. One of the reasons is that we are all different.

When we hear someone telling us something difficult they are going through, we usually think, "Well, I would do this, and things would be fine," but we aren't the other person.

It happens a lot with disagreements, too. We think to ourselves, "I would never do that to someone else." True, you wouldn't but they might.

Practice empathy. Do your best to set aside the instant platitude, listen and be empathetic.

The world is full of people going through difficult times, and if you take some times to start to practice empathy, you could have the opportunity to release the pain of one person, and that could have a positive ripple effect.

That's just an excerpt of his post (click the link above to go read the full thing) but he is right!"

Thanks, Mrs. Addision. Here blog can be found here


I wanted to say that I am humbled by the response to this blog. I say it over and over, but I mean it. I am blown away by the comments, responses and follower feedback. I'm so sorry that I haven't mentioned these here til now, but I'm making good on it right now. I also have some links and awards I need to post, too. I promise, I will.

Thanks so much for everything you all bring to this blog. You folks rock, and I treasure all of you. Now, I ask one thing from you...

Please stop by and visit these great blogs, give them some follow and comment love, and be sure to them Jeff from Men are Dumb sent you.

Thank you.


Lloyd said...

I really enjoyed reading the posts on your blog. Interesting. Lloyd

Betty said...

I came across your site by accident and I just loved your blog!
You're so creative!
Hope you have a great day!

Betty said...

Thank you so much for the follow!
I'm your newest follower! :)

Jojomama said...

Sweet. Thanks for following. Since you're a guy, keep your eye on my blog for when we give away the face plate to the iron Man Mask... (my man worked on the movie)Coming soon.(=

Bringing Pretty Back said...

Thanks so much for visiting my blog! I love yours! Hilarious!