Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day


First of all, I want to take a minute to wish all the Mom's a Happy Mother's Day. Thanks you for visiting, following, commenting and supporting this blog. Thank you so much. If you are a first time visitor, welcome to you, too.

Today, I want to feature my first Guest Blogger, and spotlight the greatest Mom of all, mine. Meet Karla.

Even with the struggles of life, raising two (Me, and my sister, Devon) not so easy (at times) kids, she faces life with faith, strength and determination and is always there for us kids. I've learned alot from Mom, and I hope I've helped her along the way, too. I've asked her to think of some "Mom" stories, and I would share them here. 

Take it away, Mom. :)

When Jeff was about 18 months old you really didn't like to take naps. I think he thought he might miss something. So...I went into put Jeff to bed in his crib only to find he had taken the screws out of two corners of the mattress. The mattress was hanging down. No way a nap was happening that afternoon.

Jeff was 2 and I was talking on the phone. I smelled smoke and ran into the kitchen only to find you by the toaster, fire blazing upward. He had put a napkin in the toaster, and tried to toast it. There was quite a blaze, I had to scrub down the kitchen before his Dad got home.

Jeff was probably 3 when this happened. He had graduated into a twin bed. When he took a nap, so did I. I woke up and he had crawled up on my bed and you were hugging me saying, "I love you, feet baby". He couldn't say his "S's" yet, but he was working on it. That's what I always said to you when I put him to bed. This memory is one of the most precious to me.

My daughter Devon, was a preemie born at 7 months and weighed only 3 lbs 6 oz. at birth. She was about 1 yr. when I couldn't find her anywhere. There was a large "Huggies" box in the living room that I had emptied and she crawled into it and pulled the top
back over her. I had no clue she was in there until she popped out. She laughed, I was just very relieved to find her.

Thanks Mom. I love you. Happy Mother's Day. :)

I know there are times that Mom's wish they could stop time and keep precious moments just as they are, but time marches on. Things change, and people grow up, but let's and create a time capsule of Great Mom Moments here. I'd like you to leave a quick story about you as a Mom, or about your Mom. It can be fun, heart warming or both, but let's take a minute and share. Thanks.


storyteller said...

Well, I'm like you Jeff. I didn't like to take naps as a kid. My mom gave up on that after a while, I think. Ironic, isn't it? Now that we're older and we'd like to take naps, we can't. Too much work to do!

Aha! It's The Obnoxious SAHM said...

Good stuff my friend

Regina said...

Thanks Jeff! I'll have to think of some things to add about my monkeys. I love the story about you removing the screws on the crib! Too funny! My boy also was/is a non-napper. He doesn't want to miss a thing.

Carol Ann said...

I loved your Mom's stories, Jeff! You sounded a bit rowdy! My firstborn (son) was a very sweet and loving child...the fair haired golden child. I was SO in love! Then came baby #2...a gorgeous dark haired chocolate eyed baby girl. Their personalities were as diferent as their features, which made for some interesting times! She was the one who climbed out of the crib and came toddling out to the backyard (didn't even know she could sclimb out!), finger painted in her poop, and who has generally provided each and every gray hair upon my head! As a single parent, thstories like these (and many more) made for some trying times, but I can honestly say that I wouldn't have traded one single moment! The kids are my crowning glory and have defined who I have become as a woman. Thank you, Jeff, for including me in your Mother's Day wishes and for sharing your special blog with me. Have a wonderful day!

Tgoette said...

Great post, Jeff! I'm sure I provided my mom with lots of tense moments as a small child (ie. hiding in the crawlspace under the house at age 2, walking to the store at 3, playing on the roof at 4, etc.) but toasting napkins was pure genius! I wish I had thought of that! But I guess moms cherish those moments least they never forget them!

Gina said...

My son is now in the hug and cuddle stage (19 months) - he'll randomly walk up to me, say "awwwww" and lay his head on me (my leg, my shoulder, whatever he can reach at the time!). I love love love it.

However, he is at the same stage you were at his age - the "I don't need no stinkin' nap" stage. I could do without that!

:-) said...

were you gonna eat the napkin?

natalee said...

Great Post.. Im following now!!!

Farmers Wifey said...

I'd wish you a happy mums day if you were one....!!

Culture Served Raw said...

Haha sounds like someone was quite the handful. Love this guest post! Hope you spoilt her rotten


Katrina said...

My son is 2 and as a baby he was never much of a cuddler. Recently, he'll crawl on my laugh, squish my face with both hands, and say over and over again "I love you, Mama." It's enough to melt my heart. :)

Lisa @ Crazy Adventures in Parenting said...

Found you when I saw you subscribed to my site. Love what you've got going on here, very funny :) You've got a new fan in me!

kristi said...

When I was a baby, my crib was near the door. I would unhook the lock, take my diaper off and run down the street to a neighbor. He always would call my Mom and say, "the streaker is here again!" He always gave me popsicles....LOL. I still love to be naked!